Vinner Man Så Vinner Man, Förlorar Man Så Förlorar Man


Svenska Spel is one of the good guys. They're a betting company that actually gives back to Sweden. Not only by paying Swedish taxes (unlike other betting companies tucked away in tax havens), but by giving back to the sporting community with cold hard cash. Every year, they donate 50 million kronor to smaller organizations. Organizations like Grunden Bois.

Grunden Bois is a particularly nice football club for girls and boys with intellectual disabilities. We thought these guys deserved a little extra attention. So to introduce them to the Swedish people, we let them run Svenska Spel’s Instagram account for a week. Their presence on screen was so inspiring that we decided to shoot a documentary about them. It premiered at the cinema, with red carpets and all. 


So sit back, relax and get ready to meet Grunden Bois.