If you can share a car, you can share a festival wristband.


Volvo Car Sweden and their carpool Sunfleet believe in a shared future. A future where humans borrow and own – together.

What better place to manifest this than at Sweden’s most progressive music festival, Way Out West?

Together we created a social experiment called Share Out West: an initiative where Sunfleet members could borrow a festival wristband to Way Out West – completely free of charge, as long as they returned it.

All the user had to do was to claim a wristband at ShareOutWest.com and pick it up at the festival as quickly as possible.

With Share Out West, Volvo Car Sweden and Sunfleet proved that they truly believe in the sharing economy while giving Sunfleet members an experience that was out of the ordinary.

And best of all? Every single festival wristband was returned on time.